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Bitter End - Attack to Budapest 1945

Condition: EX/NM
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Bitter End - Attack to Budapest 1945
Category: War Games
Author: Richard Spence, Todd Davis
Publish Year: 2006
Dimensions: 9x12x2"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148914853
Mfg. part #: CPS1002
Type: Boxed Game
Age Range: 12 Years and Up
# Players: 1 - 2 Players
Game Length: 240 Minutes


A Classic Reborn!

Budapest, Hungary, January 1945

79,000 Axis troops belonging to the IX SS Mountain and 1st Hungarian Corps are surrounded and being pounded by two Soviet armies, the 46th and 7th Guards. The situation is grim. The Soviets are well- supported by heavy artillery and the German line has been steadily retreating, leaving Budapest in grave danger.

On January 1st, the German IV SS and III Panzer Corps launch a surprise attack to recapture the city and rescue the defenders. By January 12th the attack is stalled in the rough terrain to the west of the city. Hitler shifts the focus of the attack from the west to the south-west and continues the attack on January 18th. Although progress is made, Soviet reinforcements pour into the area and the offensive grinds to a halt.

Hitler calls off the attack at the end of January, and by February 14th, after seven weeks of grueling combat, Budapest falls.

Can YOU do better?
Bitter End is an operational level simulation of the German attempts to relieve the encircled Hungarian capital of Budapest, besieged by Soviet forces, in January 1945. Compass Games brings to you this hard-to-find classic in a new, upgraded deluxe edition!

By January of 1945 Nazi Germany’s military fate was sealed. There was nothing the German forces in Hungary could have achieved that could have substantially delayed or even mitigated this defeat. That did not deter the German attempt to relieve Budapest. Hitler’s goal in ordering the attack toward Budapest was not the rescue of its garrison, but rather the recapture and retention of the city. The garrison was in fact ordered not to break out but instead to hold and await relief. Few commanders on the German side took the idea of the retention of Budapest seriously, however. Had the relieving German forces gotten to within a few miles of the city, a breakout probably would have been attempted.

Bitter End lets the players explore the historical possibilities with two scenarios. In addition, players can test their skills with several viable historical alternatives, with the inclusion of forces that could have been available to the respective commanders, allowing a large variety of options. Bitter End is VERY suitable for solitaire play!

Included in this deluxe edition of a classic, Compass Games has increased the size of the map to include two 22"x34"sections, 456 back-printed die-cut counters (we increased the size of them too!) a rulebook complete with scenarios and historical commentary (for the first time available in English), example of play (not previously available) set-up charts and tables on three full-color cardstock play aids (graphically upgraded and improved!) all combine to provide sumptuous game experience and a virtual time machine to explore this compelling Bitter End…