Expendables (2nd Printing)

By: Stellar Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Expendables

Last Stocked on 4/18/2022

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Expendables (2nd Printing)
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Extensive background information. A rich history and background of the Expendables universe has been created for your use, including information on the First and Second Galactic Empires, The Company, human colonies, Free Traders, pirates, and much, much more.

• A wide range of skill choices. Over ninety skills and five major job classifications are described in the Expendables manual.
• Planetary and Creature Generators. Instructions and Data Sheets are provided to aid you in the creation of new and wondrous planets.
• A personal combat system whose flexibility is unique in the gaming world.
• Rules and information included for vehicular and space combat.
• The Whole Company Catalog. Over 300 items are listed and explained in the catalog sections of the Expendables manual.
• Some help in getting started. Included in the Expendables manual are selections showing an example of play, sections delineating how scenarios are designed, and a complete starter scenario with hints that will help you in writing your own.
• More fun. Expendables is designed to give the GM and players the maximum flexibility in character and scenario concept. Expendables is designed to let you experience the worlds of your own imagination.

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