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Black Coach

Black Coach
Publish Year: 2000
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: GAWWMS68
Type: Miniatures Pack


Once a particularly powerful Vampire is slain, it is not certain that the world will be rid of this predator of the night. Many of the greatest lords of Undeath have returned after their bodies have been destroyed. If the servants of a Vampire can gather his ashes, they will construct a coffin to keep them safe. Then by performing unholy rituals they will create a carriage to carry the remains of their lord and take it to places of slaughter. Battlefields and plague-ridden cities, in particular, strengthen the regenerating spirit of the Vampire.

This ghostly apparition is driven by a Wraith and pulled by two grisly Nightmares. The legends say that even if the creatures are destroyed, the Coach will continue to move on its own, pushed by supernatural powers. The Black Coach is an awe-inspiring, unholy thing from the realm of Undeath, which feeds on the souls of mortals. Its mere presence can drain the lifeblood of men and the more it slays, the more terrifying it becomes.

A Black Coach may be added to your Vampire Counts army as a Rare choice.