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Alien Realms - Eight Excursions Beyond Human Space

Alien Realms - Eight Excursions Beyond Human Space
by GDW
Publish Year: 1986
Pages: 48
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.22"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: GDW262
Type: Module


The Third Imperium, teaming with life and activity, is the source of countless adventures. However, outside the Imperium there exist worlds untouched by human hands. Aliens have shaped these worlds, worlds where exotic adventures can be had┬┐where a completely new type of science fiction adventure prevails. Alien Realms is an adventure module created especially for the player who has enjoyed the Traveller Aliens Modules. Eight complete scenarios are presented, with exciting new adventuring material for Zhodani, Asian, Vargr, and Droyne player characters. This module includes:

* Deep Metal: Far from their home, a diplomatic mission of Zhodani to the planet Parthinia is charged with securing mineral supplies for the Consulate. However, a local minor race, reputed to have psionic abilities helps uncover yet another deceitfut Imperial plot.

* Prosperity for the Taking: As Vargr player characters, a team must locate and recover a Tukera lines ship, stolen by Vargr corsairs who have broken away from the mighty Kforuzeng band. Only he who is charismatic enough and therefore powerful enough can come away with the prize┬┐Prosperity.

* First Son, Lost Son: In the backwaters of the Asian Hierate, a clan leader despairs of ever locating his first son, stolen from him twenty ftahea ago by a deceitful female. The player characters must track them down and bring the son to his birthright.

* Interdiction Zone: On a covert mission behind enemy lines, an Asian team is forced down on a world with a primitive humanoid race. With rescue perhaps years in the future, they must carve their own niche in their new world. And more: Four other scenarios are also, included for other races. The Last Patrol for human characters, No Credit Check for Vargr, Ahriy Uprising for Asian, and The Casteless for Droyne player-characters.