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Dark Chateau

Dark Chateau
Author: Robert Kuntz
Publish Year: 2005
Pages: 40
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.15"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: TLG8060
Type: Module


Long before the Archmagi Zagyg moved into the deeps of the great castle that came to bare his name, he took up his dwelling in a house north of the fledgling town of Yggsburgh. The house there he built of stone, and around it a great fence. Here he hid himself away, nestled in the deeps of the Menhir hills.

This Chateau served as his home for many years and labored in its laboratories learning the trade of the wizard. Here lay his apothecaries, his conservatory, and solarium. He built donjons beneath and flooded its recesses with all manner of dark thought and incantation, until at last a heavy, brooding darkness lay over the Chateau. Few visited the eccentric mage and the fear of his madness spread through the valleys and across the hills of Yggsburgh. But one day, without warning the wizard gathered his books and charts, his beakers and jars and all the myriad materials of his studies, closed its doors and removed himself from the Chateau. Later the folk of Yggsburgh learned that Zagyg had settled in the nearby castle, whereat he continued his many and varied magical studies.

And the Dark Chateau was far from his thought and fell into disuse and ruin.

Goblins came to haunt the hills about and many times set to plundering the old house, but often it proved too daunting, too deadly and the bones of many stout goblins soon mixed with the rubble about of the house. But they spoke of this place around their camps and eventually rumor of the haunted manse came to the folk of Yggsburgh. Here it is fashion to discuss the wizard and his dark abodes, the greater and lesser. They tell of wealth undreamt of, and power in magic left lying upon the stony floors.

There in the Menhir Hills lies the Dark Chateau and the wealth of the Magi's youth, all tokens for the taking if the adventurer be brave and have the fortitude to bury his comrades in the halls of the dead.

An adventure module for 3-6 characters of 1st - 3rd level.