#311 "Sons of the Steppe, Preparing for the Black Crusade"

By: Games Workshop

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Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #301 - #350

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#311 "Sons of the Steppe, Preparing for the Black Crusade"
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10 - Grudge Bearers
A preview of the new Dwarf Army book and expanded model range

16 - Plain as a Pike Staff
Tactics and modeling tips for Pikemen

22 - Sons of the Steppe
The evolution of Bryan Cook’s Kislevite army

32 - Battle Report: Shrine of the Sorcerers
Dark Elves attack their age-old foes, the High Elves of Ulthuan

50 - A Little Reading Can Go a Long Way
Using Black Library publications as inspiration for modeling A look at smaller games of Warhammer

Warhammer 40,000

66 - Righteous Victories
Creating models to represent the many Crusades of the Black Templars

74 - Accept Any Challenge
Matt Hutson’s new Black Templar army

80 - Armageddon: World of War
The history of the ongoing conflict between the greenskins and the forces of the Imperium

84 - Index Astartes: Silent Menace
A discussion of Space Marine Scouts

88 - Behind Enemy Lines
Tactics for Space Marine Scouts

92 - Preparing for the Dark Crusade
Tips for participating in January’s campaign in U.S. Hobby Centers

96 - Black Steel
Building the Land Raider Crusader

102 - From Concept to Reality
Creating Deathwing and Ravenwing models

Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

120 The Shape of Thing to Come
The future of The Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game

124 The Misty Mountains
A new campaign system and new scenarios

130 Battle Companies Redux, Part Two
New equipment, followers, and terrain rules, and a new scenario for Battle Companies

136 Descending into Darkness
Collecting and modeling Moria Goblins

140 The Ruin of Rohan
A new scenario pitting Warg Riders and Uruk-hai against the Rohirrim

Games Workshop

1 - Turn 1: News and New Releases

52 - Getting Ready for AdeptiCon
A history of this fantastic tournament along with how-to tips from tournament vets

58 -Escalating Hostilities
Two scenarios to play as you build your Warhammer Battalions and 40K Battle Forces

62 - GW Hobby Centers and Events

64 - Echoes from the Warp
“Dirty Steve” answers your letters.

142 - Bitz & Pieces
Imperial Guard conversions and bitz offers from the boys in Direct Services.

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