#4 - Napoleon's Last Campaigns

By: Rand Game Associates

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#4 - Napoleon's Last Campaigns
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In 1814 and 1815, Napoleon took on the might of Europe in what proved to be his final campaigns. The conclusion of each resulted in an abdication -- once he returned, once he did not.

In 1814, Napoleon had the advantage of interior lines, centralized command, and the motivation of fighting for his home soil. His opponents had none of these -- but they did have overwhelming strength instead.

In 1815, Napoleon had the advantage of surprise and concentration. His opponents were rapidly joining together. A quick, decisive strike on each separated army by Napoleon could have spelled victory for the French, instead of defeat at Waterloo.

In NAPOLEON'S LAST CAMPAIGNS you are faced with the intriguing possibilities for tactical and strategic maneuvars presented by both of these classic campaigns and the fate of victory or defeat lies in your hands and mind.

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