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Buffalo Tale

By: Flying Buffalo

Type: Software (unboxed)

Product Line: Fantasy Supplements (Flying Buffalo)

PC 3.5"

MSRP $20.00

Product Info

Buffalo Tale
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Software (unboxed)


A "Bards Tale" adventure using the Flying Buffalo offices and employees. Meet Lee and Chuck and Lisa and Rick. Exterminate the termites and evil "dust bunnies" in their offices. Explore the notorious Flying Buffalo "basement" that doesn't really exist (a very old "in" joke). See the controversial "pots" on the Phoenix freeway. Rescue Rick’s ex-girlfriend from "program bugs" and "hardware problems". Drink Mountain Dew. The game is actually fairly difficult at first, until you build up to 3rd level so you can cast spells that destroy a bunch of monsters at once. (The termites are especially difficult if you can't kill a bunch all at once). Then it's easy for a long time, until the very last monster. You really have to build up before you can tackle the final monster.

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