Fires of Amatsumara

By: West End Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: D6 Space

MSRP $23.99

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Fires of Amatsumara
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The Amatsumara system -- once a diverse collection of worlds ripe with possibilities for colonists -- has found itself subtly but utterly subjugated by powerful criminal families. These crimelords war among themselves, vying for superiority, although most smugglers and gamblers are putting best odds on Edward "Two-Toes" Lee.

As colonists fear the crimelords, the crimelords fear Lee, the most ruthless, mysterious, and resourceful criminal mastermind in the galaxy. The forces of lawlessness have both direct and clandestine strangleholds on almost all the system's major resources, including its psiron, a powerful alternate fuel source that select individuals also can use to gain awesome mental abilities.

A desperate plea to distant Earth has brought a coalition of mercenaries charged with the task of bringing order to space. Five years later, the Rangers still fight against the system crimelords -- and now among themselves.

This complete setting for D6 Space includes all the places, allies, adversaries, equipment, and ships you'll need to visit these rough-and-tumble colony worlds with your friends. We'll even throw in templates to help you tame the frontier sooner, plus some metaphysical mental abilities to really enhance your space-western experience.

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