Tunnels & Trolls (30th Anniversary/7th Edition)

By: Fiery Dragon Productions

Type: Box Set

Product Line: Tunnels & Trolls (7th Edition/7.5 Edition)

metal tin

(no CD or dice, unpunched)

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Tunnels & Trolls (30th Anniversary/7th Edition)
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Fiery Dragon Productions has released a special 30th Anniversary Edition of Tunnels & Trolls under license from Flying Buffalo Inc. This tin container holds all the rulebooks and support materials required to enjoy the new Tunnels & Trolls experience — no need to buy three separate rulebooks, dice, and character sheet packages, as it's all included under one metal roof!

Old-school fans will be thrilled at a new “classic 7th edition” rulebook by original game creator Ken St. Andre: An upgrade to the version 5 rules he created with Liz Danforth and published by Flying Buffalo (no longer in print). In addition, the Fiery Dragon crew has created a completely stand-alone “revised 7th edition” rules system that retains the speed, flexibility, and efficiency of classic Tunnels & Trolls, but which includes significant upgrades to character generation and combat as well as other areas of gameplay. Lots of options are presented in this new version to suit differing GM and player styles — it forms a great intro to role-playing games in general, but also has campaign-level staying power!

Classic 7th edition rules by original creator Ken St. Andre
Brand new 7th edition rules by the Fiery Dragon team (complete and independent rulebook from the classic 7th edition). Includes monster book; 48 die-cut 1" counters to enhance visual play; a compact disc containing character generator, solitaire adventures, additional supplemental material, and, as a free bonus, the original T&T computer game for die-hard DOS fans [this game comes unsupported — try if you dare!]; a fold-out combat battlemat; and a bunch of 6-sided dice!
NO OTHER BOOKS REQUIRED — Everything you need to play is included in this box.

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