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They Also Served: Blackburn Firebrand & Firecrest by Jon Lake(1 small 3-view line drwg, cutaway line drwg, cockpit panel drwg); Air Combat: Shahaks over the Sinai: 101 Squadron, IDF/AF in the Six Day War Part 2: The Mirages prove their worth by Shlomo Aloni; An Industry of Prototypes: Aichi M6A1 Seiran: Clear Sky Storm - the Panama Canal bomber by Peter R Mersky (no drwgs); Convair F-102 Delta Dagger by Robert F Dorr (68 pages, 1 small 3-view line drwg, 2 3-view col drwgs, 2 pages fin insignia col drwgs, 7 col profiles, fold out col drwg, cutaway line drwg); Beyond the Frontiers: Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk by M Hill Goodspeed (1 3-view col drwg); Variant Briefing: Polikarpov Biplane Fighter Variants by Yefim Gordon & A Dexter (38 col profiles, 26 side view line drwgs, 1 3-view line drwg); Built in Buffalo - Aircraft of the Curtiss Airplane Division, Curtiss-Wright Corporation, 1940-43 by Warren Thompson & John Heathcott (photo feature); 'Pulsat Audaciter Die Noctuque' - Canberras of the Fuerza Aerea Argentina by Juan Carlos Cicalesi & Santiago Rivas; Luftwaffe Markings: Part 2 Tactical Symbols, Markings and Identification Codes of German Military Aircraft 1918-1945 by John Weal (1 3-view col drwg, many code drwgs)

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