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#336 "Secrets of the Demonomicon, Origins of the Dead, Haunting the Mansion"

By: Paizo Publishing

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Dragon Magazine #301 - #359

Last Stocked on 6/12/2024

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#336 "Secrets of the Demonomicon, Origins of the Dead, Haunting the Mansion"
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Haunted Houses
by James Jacobs
From unquiet nature spirits to perversions from realms beyond, more than chain-rattling specters haunt the dark corners of the world. These seven new templates each detail a different haunting and are ready to apply to any structure or location. With unique new abilities for ghosts, information on how to resolve the haunting, and chilling reports of what happens should your character die there, no place will ever be safe again.

Birth of the Dead
by Ari Marmell
Ancient curses, spontaneous hauntings, and the create undead spell can’t be blamed for every walking corpse and wayward spirit. Whether hunting them or creating them, this article details the genesis of the most terrifying undead threats detailed in the Monster Manual, Fiend Folio, Monster Manual II,, and Monster Manual III.

Bandits in the Path of Fame
by James Lowder
A headstrong princess and her mysterious companion trek to a fallen city, once ruled her family. Can she face the evils surrounding herself and overcome the ancient tests that ward her ancestral throne?

The Demonomicon of Iggwilv
by Owen Stephens
For the first time since S4: The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth the most infamous tome in D&D history is revealed, as well as the history of its infamous creator.

The Ecology of the Spawn of Kyuss, Wormfood, and of course, Class Acts, Bazaar of the Bizarre, First Watch, Scalemail, Sage Advice, and comics.

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