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Pusan Perimeter - Fire on the Naktong, Summer 1950

By: Schutze Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: War Games - DTP (Schutze Games)

(counters home-mounted)
(counters home-mounted on foam)

Product Info

Pusan Perimeter - Fire on the Naktong, Summer 1950
Brian Train
Publish Year
NKG Part #


Please note that this is a DTP (Desk Top Publishing) game designed on a desktop computer and all components, including the counters which will have to be cut and mounted, are printed on paper. These are designed by some very well-known designers and are a low cost alternative to today's professionally produced games. On rare occasions, some of these games are reproduced by other companies with higher quality components including die-cut counters but most of them are not. If you believe this game to have a professionally produced version, please contact us with your inquiry and we will help you to locate it if it does indeed exist.

This is an operational level 2-player game of the events in Southern Korea from early August to mid September, 1950. One player represents the North Korean People's Army (NKPA) and the other player the United Nations (UN).

This is the North Koreans last chance to unify Korea under their communist rule. A defeat for the US dominated UN force, before MacArthur conducts his Inchon operation, will spell the end of the UN and probably a loss of the Cold War.

* 11x17-inch map representing the region around the Perimeter in southern Korea.
* 120 double-sided counters show the forces available to both players.
* One Player's Aid sheet shows the charts and tables required during play.
* One rulebook.

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