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Dark Continent

By: Schutze Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: War Games - DTP (Schutze Games)

Last Stocked on 3/6/2021

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Dark Continent
Lloyd Krassner, Peter Schutze
Publish Year


Please note that this is a DTP (Desk Top Publishing) game designed on a desktop computer and all components, including the counters which will have to be cut and mounted, are printed on paper. These are designed by some very well-known designers and are a low cost alternative to today's professionally produced games. On rare occasions, some of these games are reproduced by other companies with higher quality components including die-cut counters but most of them are not. If you believe this game to have a professionally produced version, please contact us with your inquiry and we will help you to locate it if it does indeed exist.

A multiplayer family game set in colonial Africa for 2-5 players. Players compete for the wealth of the Dark Continent during the colonial era with eventual victory going to the player with the highest combination of territory, infrastructure and repatriated profits.

* 11x17-inch map representing Africa, the Dark Continent
* 2 countersheets totaling 282 large counters showing the forces controlled by each player and markers.
* One rulebook
* 1 player’s aid sheet

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