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#126 "Handheld Head-To-Head - DS vs. PSP, Dungeons & Dragons Online Preview"

#126 "Handheld Head-To-Head - DS vs. PSP, Dungeons & Dragons Online Preview"
Sub Category: RPG Magazines
Publish Year: 2005
Dimensions: 8x10.5x.2"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: WIP126
Type: Magazine


Sure, D&D has had its share of video games. But it's time for something all-new and all-different. IQ Gamer has an exclusive preview of Dungeons & Dragons Online. From all the races and classes to the secrets of adventuring in Eberron, whether you're interested in MMOGs, RPGs or getting' down with the dwarves, this is your ticket to online adventure.

If the new school year is good for nothin' else, it's a chance to share your favorite games with new victi...uh, players. We're not only setting you up with cool decks, teams and stacks for the Vs. System, HeroClix and Clout Fantasy, we┬╣re providing two of each, so you can instruct your new gaming pals in the ways of the card, clix or chip. And we've made them cheap enough that you can afford to flat-out give them away to your new buds or eat them, if the cafeteria's serving that mystery meat again that still has a tendency to whinny.

With gamers everywhere greedily grabbing up Sony's PSP and Nintendo's DS handhelds, we thought it was about time we gave you the full scoop on what each can do. That way you can make a truly informed decision about which system you think is best for blowing the unholy bejeezus out of planetary invaders and which will be easily hidden behind your math book while your teacher rambles on about exponents or Eigenfunctions.

Legend of the Five Rings the rhythm game? Vampire: The Eternal Struggle meets Tetris? Juzam Djinn and an atog racing around on go-karts? Even if you've seen your sister swallow her own face like we have, you have never, ever seen anything like this before. We took our favorite games, from Magic to HeroClix and beyond and digitized them into video games that just might make your head explode (though we cannot be held legally responsible if your head actually does indeed explode after reading about 'em. Consider yourself