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#308 "Forging of the Fellowship, Priests of Mars"

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#308 "Forging of the Fellowship, Priests of Mars"
Publish Year: 2005
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148766453
Mfg. part #: WD308
Type: Magazine


In This Issue:


10 - Painting Workshop:Tree Spirits
Techniques for painting Dryads, Tree Kin and Treemen

14 - Scenery Workshop: Building Cairns
How to build scenery for the Lichemaster's invasion of Athel Loren

18 - Return of the Lichemaster
the first of a three-part campaign series introduces Kemmler and Krell, a new spell list, and a new scenario

26 - The Might of the Ages
How one modeler created a massive Treeman

32 - Battle Report: Aurora's Retaliation
A Wood Elf warband attacks a mutated band of Beastmen that has taken up residence in Athel Loren

44 - Painting Showcase: 2004 U.K. Golden Demon Winners
The best of the best from last year's British Warhammer painting competition

48 - Warhammer Chronicles: Rhinox Cavalry
New rules for the biggest and baddest cavalry models around

52 - Modeling Masterclass: Rhinox Cavalry
Mike Andersion Shows you how he modeled his mounted Ogre

52 - Painting Showcase: Grand Tournament Chaos Armies
Two fantastic Chaos armies from the Baltimore and Seattle GT's

Warhammer 40k

84 - Priests of Mars
Dave Taylor's Adeptus Mechanicus army

90 - Getting the Most from Terrain
Pete Haines clarifies the terrain rules for 40K and makes some gaming suggestions

96 - Only War
John Shaffer discusses the tactics of the Assault Phase

100 - Emperor's Tears: Space Marine Showcase
Daniel Struzyna's fantastic Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes

102 - Painting Showcase: 2004 U.K. Golden Demon Winners
The best of the best from last year's British 40K painting competition

Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

106 - The Road Goes Ever On
A preview of the new edition of The Lord of The Rings

110 - Forging of the Fellowship
A sneak peek at the first of a new series of supplements for The Lord of The Rings

116 - Battle Report: Escape from Dwarrowdelf
Goblins attempt to stop the Fellowship from escaping the Mines of Moria

126 - The Battle for Rhosgobel
Giant Eagles and Radagast the Brown do battle with Goblins and Wargs

128 - Fiends & Fireworks
Gandalf, with a cart full of fireworks, attempts to elude pursuing Goblins

130 - Modeling Workshop: Numenorean Bridge
How to build a bridge fit for the King of Gondor

136 - The Last Bridge
Glorfindel and the Ringwraiths do battle for the Bridge of Mitheithel

138 - Victory Assured
Tactical suggestions for The Lord of The Rings

Games Workshop

1 - Turn 1: News and New Releases

42 - GW Hobby Centers and Events

60 - Golden Demon: Baltimore 2005
A showcase of this year's winners of the painting competition at Baltimore Games Day
**Expanded Coverage**

74 - What's in your Bitz Box?
A consideration of this essential but oft-overlooked hobby resource

78 - Echoes from the Warp
"Dirty Steve" answers your letters.

80 - Hobby workshop: What Does "Counts As" Mean?
Suggestions for making innovative and unique armies that still play by the rules

144 - Direct Services