#23 w/Tamames 1809

By: Ludopress

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Alea Magazine w/Games (Spanish w/English)

Last Stocked on 4/25/2022

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#23 w/Tamames 1809
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Reviews of Los Arapiles (SIMTAC), Yom Kippur (The Gamers), Atchung Spitfire (CoA). Thematic: History of the World (AH).

Issue Game
Tamames 1809, scene for Shade of the Aguila. The magazine also includes 1 optional rule (limited Intelligence, with 60 incluĂ­das cards) for the standard regulation of Shade of the Aguila. 1 map DIN A3 and 86 cards nontroqueladas.

Three new scenes and optional rules for the Great Navy (It alloys 13). Optional scene for the Arapiles of SIMTAC (it includes nontroqueladas rules and cards). Scenes for Ancients I and II: 10 classic and medieval battles in which Iberian troops participate or were disputed in the peninsula: (Baecula, Ilipa, Munda, Guadalete, Taurus, the Salty one, Navas of Tolosa, Cefis river, Formigues islands, Guadalmesi '). ASL (Bastogne 1944), First Battle of GDW (Spanish in the 2 GM: Narvik, Bir Hakeim, Moscow, Bertchesgaden). Scene for War & Peace (AH): the campaign of Marengo, 1800. Optional rules for Yom Kippur (The Gamers): Gainful versus Phantom: optional aerial rules. 9 additional letters for the campaign Air war on Spain (It alloys 22).

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