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Warhammer Armies - Wood Elves (2005 Edition)

Warhammer Armies - Wood Elves (2005 Edition)
Publish Year: 2005
Pages: 80
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: GAW92-01-05
Type: Softcover


When building a Warhammer army, the best place to begin is its respective Army Book. These books are indispensable guides to painting, army selection and background material that you can find no where else. Warhammer Armies: Wood Elves is one in a series of Warhammer Armies supplements. Each book in the series describes in detail an army, its history, and its heroes. Inside you will find:

The Denizens of Athel Loren
A description of the origins of the Wood Elves and their pact with the forest of Athel Loren. Information on the Wood Elves and Forest Spirits as well as the history of the Wood Elves and how their destiny entwines with the fate of the Warhammer world.

Blessings of Isha
The magic items of the Wood Elves, in addition to the powerful enchantments woven by the Elven Spellsingers.

Lords and Ladies of the Forest
Rules and background for some of the mighty heroes of the Wood Elves: Orion, King in the Woods; the embittered Dryad, Drycha; and the mysterious twins Naestra and Arahan.

Collecting a Wood Elf Army
A reference for collectors, introducing the miniatures and suggested color schemes for your Wood Elf army.