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Fighting for Rome

By: Merit Software

Type: Software (boxed)

Product Line: Computer Games (Merit Software)

PC 5 1/4" & 3.5"

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Fighting for Rome
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Software (boxed)


The Ancient era of warfare was dominated by several races - the Carthagians, the Barbarians, the Spartans, the Trojans...but above all were the Romans. Now you too can take command of your own Roman army, and put your tactics to the test!

In this unique, miniature-style wargame you can recreate many classic battles in your own home - and many more besides. Fighting for Rome lets you control army units individually, or in groups.

Powerful Group Command options let you order groups of troops into formations such as double ranks or squares, and you can command groups to march, run, or charge in any direction in these formations! The group command options also let you command ranks of archers to fire at will upon a specific enemy force.

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