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Shadows Over Camelot

By: Days of Wonder

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Shadows Over Camelot

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Product Info

Shadows Over Camelot
Product Line
Serge Laget, Bruno Cathala
Publish Year
NKG Part #
MFG. Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
10 Years and Up
# Players
3 - 7 Players
Game Length
60 - 80 Minutes


In most games, players compete against each other to achieve victory. Shadows Over Camelot proposes a journey of a very different kind, where you and your fellow players, as Knights of the Round Table, will collaborate to jointly defeat... the game! At first glance, this task seems simple enough. After all, shouldn’t a band of young and noble Knights - fleet of foot and sound of mind - easily defeat a game that plays itself? Alas your quest is further complicated by the ever-present possibility of a Traitor in your midst, biding his time, waiting to strike at the worst possible moment...

But enough words... Don your cloak, climb astride your warhorse and gallop into the Shadows to join us in Camelot!

In the box you will find:
-) 1 Master gameboard of Camelot and the Round Table, with its surrounding Quests;
-) 3 additional Double-sided Quests (the Holy Grail, Excalibur, and Lancelot & the Dragon);
-) 16 Swords of the Round Table;
-) 168 cards;
-) 7 Coat of Arms (one per Knight);
-) 7 standard dice (one for each Knight) and 1 special 8-sided die for the Siege Engines;
-) a Rules Booklet and the Book of Quests;
-) 30 Miniatures (7 Knights, 3 Relics, 12 Siege Engines, 4 Saxon and 4 Pict warriors).

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