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Active Exploits - Diceless Roleplaying (Special 2nd Edition)

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Active Exploits - Diceless Roleplaying (Special 2nd Edition)
Publish Year: 2005
Pages: 158
Dimensions: 5.5x8.5x.4"
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Mfg. part #: IPRPIG1
Type: Softcover


All the Adventure, None of the Dice!

What is Active Exploits Take2?

It is the second edition of Active Exploits, a universal diceless roleplaying system. Active Exploits is built around the concept of effort. Every person has the potential to exert energy in order to accomplish a task. Instead of using absolute ratings, Active Exploits allows players to vary the amount of effort exerted. You can split the effort up among multiple actions each turn or exert the character's full potential and risk overexertion.

Basic Exploits
This is an introductory version of the rules, intended for those who are new to the system or prefer something less involved.

Advanced Exploits

This presents both advanced and optional rules which players can selectively use. Some examples of advanced elements are:

Flairs: These zoom in on character's abilities.
Fields of Expertise: These replace the need for skills by generalizing occupational knowledge.
Convictions: These expand on the basic concept of Principles (in Basic Exploits) by utilizing Revelation and Dementia.
Threads: These define group dynamics and help encourage more character-oriented roleplaying.
Vehicles: Rules for using vehicles, from motorcycles to starships.

Live Exploits
This is a compilation of rules from the Basic and Advanced Exploits sections which are optimized for Live Action RolePlaying (LARP).

Adaptive Exploits (Special Edition Softcover only)
A framework for converting characters for use with Active Exploits, and adapting other ability/skill-based systems for diceless play.

Other features include Setting Specifics, which add new rules for magic and the occult, and martial arts.