#123 "Super Hero Showdown, Vs. System Blowout, Magic Alternative Win Card"

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#123 "Super Hero Showdown, Vs. System Blowout, Magic Alternative Win Card"
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SATURDAY NIGHT VS.' SMACKDOWN! Sure, you've seen all the tourney champs and combed through your weight in 'net decks, but when it comes to the "friendly" Saturday night games with friends, do you have what it takes to not only kick but, but to knock them on the butt in surprise? Now you do! Our casual decks for the Marvel and DC TCGs will leave foes shocked and awed!

PARTY ON! Are you the dork who sits alone next to the punchbowl at parties? Do you get stuck taking tickets and hanging decorations 'cuz you can't get a date? No more worries! You'll be the life of the party with games like Lord of the Fries, Marriage Material, Beyond Balderdash and Chez Geek. Not only will you get to game at parties, chicks will dig you for it!

FAN'-DEMONIUM! The new HeroClix set, Fantastic Forces, has arrived! InQuest has the exclusive scoop to all the new figures in our over-the-top visual guide. From Arnim Zola to Yellowjacket and every guy in between, we've got all the powers, all the teams and all the giant dogs that make your life worth living!

WHAT THEE? Professor X's Frat House for Gifted Youngsters? Super Turtle? Peter Porker, Spectacular Spider Swine? These are the Vs. System cards Upper Deck prayed you'd never see. But alas, their prayers were in vain! We've breathed new life into the worst cards never to make it into the Marvel/DC TCGE and they're frickin' hilarious!

Which Magic alternate-win condition is the best? Poison? Battle of Wits? Door to Nothingness? Find out here!

The first look at ToyBiz's and Upper Deck's new action figure miniatures game Super hero Showdown, featuring all your favorite Marvel Comics characters, like Spider-man and Wolverine. It's smacktacular!

Have you heard of Romance of the Three Kingdoms X? This is the game you need to be playing this summer, even if you're some weirdo who's never played a video game before. The mouth is mightier than the sword, in Three Kingdoms, but a whole lotta heads still get lopped off!

Plus, news and strategy for Pirates of the Revolution, Yu-Gi-Oh!, MechWarrior and more! All in IQ Gamer #123!

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