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.45 Adventure - Crimefighting Action in the Pulp Era (1st Edition)

By: Rattrap Productions

Type: Softcover

Product Line: .45 Adventure

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.45 Adventure - Crimefighting Action in the Pulp Era (1st Edition)
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Richard Johnson
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With a loud crash, The Gargoyle smashes through the skylight with his .45 automatic blazing. One, two, three thugs of Boss Johnny Watkins gang drop down dead in this fusillade of lead. The others quickly scatter for cover behind whatever is available. Johnny and his trusted enforcer, "Little" Paul, scurry for the nearest exit, grabbing the ledgers containing the list of public officials they have bribed.

.45 Adventure: Crimefighting Action in the Pulp Era is a tabletop miniatures game that simulates all the two-fisted action of the era of pulp magazines. Players can take on the roles of colorful heroes or unscrupulous villains. With Tommy guns, Heaters, and Gats they can fight their way through the minions of crime or seek to control the world.

.45 Adventure is designed to be played in spaces as small as two square-feet so it is great for the college student or anyone with a limited playing area who is looking to get into tabletop miniature games. But don't think that means you can't play the BIG games. .45 Adventure can handle the full eight foot playing space if the players choose to expand the scope of their game.

This book contains all the rules necessary to play, customize your heroes and villains, and create scenarios. Plus there are two sample scenarios to help you get started.

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