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#16 "Europe Engulfed Scenario, Zero & Corsairs Cards, Gringo! Map & Counters"

By: GMT Games

Type: Magazine

Product Line: C3i Magazine (#1-27)

Last Stocked on 4/10/2024

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#16 "Europe Engulfed Scenario, Zero & Corsairs Cards, Gringo! Map & Counters"
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The "Battle of Churubsuco" Game Module by designer Richard Berg (Gringo! is required to play this game module). The issue includes an 11x17 inch game map, plus counters and scenario rules for the Battle of Churubsuco, fought on August 20, 1847, during the US’s War Against Mexico.

New SPQR Battle Scenarios -- "Mercenary: Land Warfare in the First Punic War" by Dan Fournie; The Battles of Agrigentum 262 B.C. and Adys 256 B.C. You've played Bagradas in 'SPQR' and seen two legions crushed by elephants and enveloped by masses of cavalry. Ever wonder how you might do as Regulus against a Punic army in rough terrain with mediocre leadership? Now you can find out at the Battle of Adys, 256 (all dates BC). In addition, you can re-fight the largest battle of the First Punic War. Early in the war Carthage scoured the world to hire tens of thousands of mercenaries to challenge a Roman double consular army. You get to see what happens when they meet at the Battle of Agrigentum, 262."

New Europe Engulfed Scenario – "Ruin of the Reich, 1944" by designers Jesse Evans and Rick Young.

ALSO, the issue contains two new, exciting articles about "Reds!" by Ananda Gupta – "White Player Strategy" and "Red Player Strategy"; "Rise of the Roman Republic" by Steve Carey; New "Down in Flames" Campaign Module by Roger Horky on the fight for the Aleutians during WWII with new aircraft cards, and so much more!

Inserts Include:

  • Down in Flames: Struggle for the Aleutians aircraft cards (16)
  • Down in Flames: Struggle for the Aleutians campaign sheet
  • Down in Flames: Battle of the Bismarck Sea campaign sheet
  • Gringo!: Churubusco battle mapsheet

    includes 139 counters:

  • Gringo!: Churubusco counters (136)
  • A World at War: Japanese SNLF counters (3)
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