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Generation Gap

By: Firestorm Ink

Type: Softcover

Product Line: CyberGeneration (Firestorm Ink)

Last Stocked on 4/26/2014

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Generation Gap
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One of the mythic lost Cybergeneration books written, but never published, in the late '90's. If you have an interest in Cybergeneration, or just a spin on Cyberpunk that will bend your character development majorly, please take a look. The book is being produced by the true believers at Firestorm Ink. They have a real love of this critically acclaimed, but not widely known sub-line of Cyberpunk. played the old Edgers, you've played juves, you've tried to run them together and hit a huge gaping chasm. How can you combine the old with the new? Three words, READ THIS BOOK!

The long-awaited sourcebook for CyberGeneration, the Generation Gap, is out and in your face. Trust us, it was well worth the wait.

Inside you'll get:
- Information on what's it's like being the GenGM and the Gen Player.
- Tips and tricks on how to play a Juve
- Ideas on how to use different skills
- Creating a long CyberGeneration campaigns
- Having Family in your games
- When to bring on the Revolution
- The Care and Feeding of the CyberEvolved
- Plans on building your own yogangs

... and lots more stuff inside.

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