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#116 "Shaman King Inuyasha, Breaking Kamigawa"

By: Wizard Entertainment

Type: Magazine

Product Line: InQuest Gamer Magazine

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#116 "Shaman King Inuyasha, Breaking Kamigawa"
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Boo! Gobble, gobble! Ho, ho, ho! Is there any better time than the holidays to be a gamer? We say thee nay, and to prepare you for the most wonderful time of the year, InQuest Gamer proudly presents the best issue #116 in our storied history. No matter what you want to be thankful for - Magic, Vs., Duel Masters, Inuyasha, Shaman King - this holiday season, we've got your post-dessert bathroom reading right here! It's all treat and no tricks!

GHOSTBUSTERS! Who you gonna call for all the info you need to survive Champions of Kamigawa? InQuest Gamer, of course. The decks we presented in IQ #115 were just the beginning; our mad deck-building scientists saved their best for this issue so they could put in hundreds of hours of serious playtesting. You want a killer deck you won't find anywhere else; one that puts the brakes on affinity and tackles Tooth And Nail? You know the number to dial: 1-800-INQUEST.

EXTEND YOURSELF! It's the final year before Tempest through Prophecy bid adieu to Magic's Extended tournament scene. To help you send those Cursed Scrolls, Lin Sivvis and Morphlings out with a bang, we give to you the ultimate Extended-format Bible. You wanna know the decktypes you should play, the killer combos you can pull off, and what you need to prepare against? It's all here. Our pick for the best deck in the format? No doubt, it's...

IT'S A BIRD... IT'S A PLANE... It's Man of Steel, the best set yet for Upper Deck’s Vs. TCG. No matter your deck, this Superman-themed expansion brings the heat. The new "cosmic" ability will have you playing out powerful characters faster than ever, while another new mechanic, "invulnerability," ensures your guys take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. To show off the new power at your disposal, we spice up four already-powerful Vs. tournament powerhouses, including the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, with the Big Blue Boys Scout's best friends and most wicked enemies.

MOVE OVER YUGI! There's a new sheriff - Inuyasha - in anime-town, and a new mayor - Shaman King - preparing to take office. Our crack team of political reporters hits the streets for the lowdown on these hot new CCGs' mechanics, top cards and more. If you want to be prepared for the next anime invasion, you must read our exclusive preview.

PLUS Nice Ass! An exclusive preview of Magic: Unhinged.

Mutant Mayhem: A first-look at the next Marvel HeroClix expansion. Modok looks awesome!

Get Plugged In! All the holiday gift information an e-gamer needs to please his joystick.

Shadowclash of the Titans: Every card from Duel Masters' fourth set, Shadowclash of Blinding Night, pictured for your pleasure.

Gone Soft! The comprehensive price guide you expect from the best, now with more porn than ever before.

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