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#115 "D&D Demon Stone, Anime Magic, World Champions' Strategy"

By: Wizard Entertainment

Type: Magazine

Product Line: InQuest Gamer Magazine

Last Stocked on 8/12/2022

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#115 "D&D Demon Stone, Anime Magic, World Champions' Strategy"
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Upside-down cards. Arcane spells that keep coming back for more and more. More legends than you can shake a Yamibushi at. You think Magic's Champions of Kamigawa expansion brings the wackiest stuff the game's ever had to offer? Well, you obviously haven't picked up InQuest Gamer #115. Here's what awaits your soon-to-be-popping eyes. ANIME MAGIC: THE NEXT STARTER SET? Remember Magic's Portal sets; dumbed-down versions of the game designed to get newbies hooked on CCG-dom's most addictive crack? Well, it's coming back like you've never thought possible: as anime! That's right, Manga Burst brings kinky clownfish, creature power and toughness values in the thousands and kiddie art to the world's most popular collectible card game. You'll find the scoop only in InQuest! CHAMPIONS OF KAMIGAWA TOP 10 By now you've attended the prerelease and started to pick up your Champions of Kamigawa boosters. But what cards should you try to snatch up in spades? As only InQuest can, our experts break down the set, rating every card and giving you our picks for the top 10 cards the new block has to offer. The coolest part: seven of the top 10 picks aren't rare! WORLD CHAMPION-O-RAMA! Whether your CCG o' choice be Magic, Lord of the Rings, Warlord, Dragon Ball GT, Star Wars, Legend of the Five Rings, A Game of Thrones, Yu Yu Hakasho or .hack//ENEMY, or whether you want the lowdown on the first- ever Vs. TCG pro circuit event, we've got all the winning decks and everything you need to play 'em like the pros! MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE What happens when you take the 128 most powerful badasses in all of sci-fi, fantasy, anime and game-dom and pit them in a single-elimination duel to the death? Only one emerges from the bloodbath. Is it Galactus? Vader? Gandalf? Captain Nemo? There's only one place to find out: InQuest #115. PLUS Money Shots: Magic's three best - and one worst - plays ever made in high-level events. D&D Gone Mad: A look inside the deranged world of video gaming sensation Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone. Aberrations! Speaking of Dungeons & Dragons, we show you every figure from D&D Minis' next expansion, including mind flayers and yuan-ti. Collection Central: The best price guide anywhere, with complete listings for all the hottest collectible card and miniature game sensations.

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