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#303 "Crux Terminatus, The Battle of Five Armies, Gnoblar Hords"

By: Games Workshop

Type: Magazine

Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #301 - #350

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#303 "Crux Terminatus, The Battle of Five Armies, Gnoblar Hords"
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12 - Primed for Action

A preview of the new How to Paint Space Marines book.

18 - Index Astartes: Deep Strike

A close look at the history of Terminators and Tactical Dreadnought armor.

24 - Crux Terminatus

Assembling and painting the new Terminator models.

36 - Only War

Effective Tactics for fighting against Terminators.

38 - The Howling Griffons

John Cadice shares his new Space Marines and a few tips for painting them.

44 - On the Trail of a Tyrant, Part 2

The conclusion of the Badab War rivalry campaign. (Part 1 in White Dwarf 302)

52 - The Faith & the Fury

A showcase of Ultramarines Marneus Calgar's Land Raider conversion.

58 - Battle Report: The Long Night

The Ultramarines take on the Necrons over a fallen Monolith.

72 - The Battle of Five Armies

An overview of the new 10mm scale LOTR game based on Tolkien's The Hobbit.

80 - Welcome to the Jungle!

Preview of Warhammer Realms: Lustria.

86 - Gnoblar Hordes

A new Ogre Kingdoms all-Gnoblar army list.

94 - Gnoblar Showcase

Ogre Kingdoms Gnoblar conversions and paint schemes.

96 - The Wayfarer's Companion to Barak Varr

Background on the sea-faring Dwarfs of this famous stronghold.

102 - Legacy of Stone

Modeling and Painting ideas for Dwarf clans.

106 - The Art of Warhammer

Tactics for war machines and getting the most out of your artillery.

112 - Our Little War. Part 1

Four gamers begin a warbands campaign. (Part 2 in White Dwarf 304)

122 - The Witch Realm of Angmar

The history of Arnor and Angmar and new troop types.

128 - The Rise of Angmar

In this scenario, soldiers of Arnor battle spectral foes.

130 - The Shire in Winter

Making wintry and frozen terrain and a new scenario.

122 - Modeling Masterclass

Building a watchtower of Angmar.

136 - The Lockholes

A new scenario to accompany The Scouring of The Shire.

140 - Warg Chieftains

Scenic bases and converting Wargs and Warg Riders.

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