Aquilonia - Flower of the West

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Conan (d20)

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Aquilonia - Flower of the West
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Aquilonia - The political situation is rife with intrigue, murder and horror, and could easily be the setting for untold campaigns. From the palatial splendour of the capital, Tarantia, to the rural tranquillity of the Tauran and the brooding nobles of Poitain, this 200-page sourcebook for Conan the Roleplaying Game details Hyboria’s greatest kingdom, Aquilonia: the Flower of the West, destined to be ruled over by the mighty Conan himself!

The clues and statements made by Robert E. Howard about his various nations serve as a springboard for the imagination. As even a casual perusal of The Hyborian Age shows, these are not stagnant cultures, forever framed by a single phrase in a story. These cultures and kingdoms should live and breathe. Borders should change and waver. Every Games Master should not fear to put a bit of himself into this world. Take Howard’s seeds and see what grows from your own imagination. Not everyone’s Aquilonia needs to be the same, with the same borders and culture. If you want Aquilonia to wipe Nemedia off the map, then do it. If you want Tarantia to burn to the ground, then let it burn. Just because some Nemedian scribe hyped up Conan to be the greatest hero of the age, don’t let that stop your players from being greater.

Let the Hyborian Age live and never let it stagnate. We are the kings of the world tonight!

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