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#14 "Siege in Darkness - A Mission for Hybrid, Converting Confrontation Miniatures"

By: Griffin Miniatures

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Product Line: Harbinger Magazine

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#14 "Siege in Darkness - A Mission for Hybrid, Converting Confrontation Miniatures"
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THE BITTER TASTE OF DWARVEN VENGEANCE: An official Nin-Gonost scenario from Adiken, can the dwarves slay Rurgosh the Orc Lieutenant and win the day?

THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY: Mark Latham and Richard Morgan lay out this scenario for the Legends of the Old West. A heroic sheriff has disguised himself as a passenger can he and his posse stop the daring train robbery in its tracks?

CONFRONTATION IN DEEP, THE GRIFFIN EMPIRE OF AKKYLANIE: Graham Clarke commemorates a year in Confrontation by examining the Griffin army in more depth and taking a look at some of the ways they have developed since his Griffin Vs Kelts article back in Issue 3 of Harbinger.

MASTERCLASS, CONVERSIONS: Seth Nash, former Rackham sculptor, shows us how you can convert existing Rackham minis into those cool-as-you-like characters you find only in the Travel Journals. This month: Asamon, the Formor of Dun Scaith.

URBAN WAR Phil Walling, a man on a mission, has cajoled a copy of the game from the clutches of Urban Mammoth and now he gives you a look at what to expect from this supplemental game for Void 1.1! MASTERCLASS, TERRAIN Islands of the Spanish Main. Matthew Stratton shows you how to create cheap and easy terrain for Pirates of the Spanish Main, Wizkids incredibly popular new customizable strategy game. Johnny Depp never had it so good! SIEGE IN DARKNESS Can Venerable Ambrius rescue the griffin advance party before the invisible denizens of the laboratory can get their claws into them? This month's Hybrid mission could be the making or the breaking of ya! CLEANSE The third scenario in the celebrated Guxiss Online Campaign for Void 1.1. With territory control beginning to settle down new borders have been drawn across Guxiss, now's the time to seek out those little pockets of resistance and secure your territoryE SPOTLIGHT ON, WORLDWORKS Take a look at the most unbelievable card terrain from WorldWorks Games. Ships, castles, villages and even fully functional siege equipment, it's all here! ART OF WAR Phil Walling examines Dark Age once more and this month he takes a look at two more warbands the Forsaken and the Skaard. STEP BY STEP A guide to painting a Viridian Colonial Marine Sniper for Urban War. Get your tips before the game takes over your life! STEP BY STEP A Guide to painting an Imperial Infantry Sergeant from Apocalypse Miniatures' Atlantis Imperium range (NOTE: We apologise to Apocalypse Miniatures for the error with the heading to this article, rest assured this is an Apocalypse Miniatures' Imperial Infantry Sergeant NOT a Darkness Elemental from Rackham).

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