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#13 "Rippers from West Wind, Coolmini's Assassin, Cryx Pistol, Wraiths Scenario"

By: Griffin Miniatures

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Harbinger Magazine

MSRP old price: $5.00

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#13 "Rippers from West Wind, Coolmini's Assassin, Cryx Pistol, Wraiths Scenario"
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PLUCKING A THORN: Can a small contingent of Cygnarian troops keep their charge alive long enough to reach safety, or will he be forced to take part in kilbricht the ritualized duel of the Pistol Wraith? This scenario for Warmachine is brought to you by 'Chilling' Chad Huffman!

THE CITY OF CONFRONTATION, PART IV: The final installment of Graham Clarke's gripping campaign for Rackham's Confrontation. At last you will discover the true darkness that lies in wait at the heart of Myn-a-Tyr, the City of Confrontation!

RAID: A scenario for Void 1.1 and part of Urban Mammoth's Guxiss Campaign. A race against time, and your opponent, to steal the most supplies. The side with most success at the five- finger-discount is the winner.

TRICK OR TREAT: A Hybrid mission with a difference... The Griffin and the Scorpion players must use all their cunning and wile to earn the most treats but beware! There are some in this laboratory who are willing to take a chance at a 'trick' or two...

VACILLUS, VASA BEHIND THE MASK: 'Phantom-Like' Phil Walling continuers his dissection of the Void 1.1 universe with this third installment in his VASA series. This month: Special Characters. SPELLCASTER: A special set of Harbinger Spells for Iron Wind Metals' fantastic Spellcaster game get the cards, get the edge over your opponent!!!

IF YOU GO DOWN TO THE WOODS...: Phil 'Wailing' Walling brings us a horrific scenario of lycanthrope-lunacy for West Wind Production's Rippers the Horror Wars. Harker's Old Worlders versus the Children of the Moon there will be only one victor!

MASTERCLASS TERRAIN TANK FACTORY PRIMUS 2: Chris 'Just gimme a knife and some PVA and I'll have that baby back in the air in no time' Abbey creates a masterpiece for Urban Mammoth's new Urban War skirmish game.

STEP BY STEP: Andy 'What zombies?' Wedmore takes us through his approach to a Warrior Mage of Darkness by MSB Toys, a new French company that you'd be mad not to watch.

STEP BY STEP: Todd 'Arrrgh!' Arrington gives us the lowdown on painting Privateer Press' sinister Pistol Wraith kinda handy for a certain scenario...

SPOTLING ON... ARMY BUILDER 3.0: The most important tool you can have? Rob 'Barks at the moon' Bowes takes a look at one of the most eagerly awaited gaming accessories of recent years.

HOUSE RULES MIGHT ARMIES: Flaming logs? Barbarian ingenuity? Nathan 'Spider's' Webb, artists and miniature painter-extraordinaire for Mongoose Games, brings you the Barbarian Fire Team and may your games of Mighty Armies never be the same!

STEP BY STEP: Simon 'Beast of the night' Bradley brings us the tricks you need to bring out the best of a treat (see what I did there?) Coolminiornots' limited edition Assassin, sculpted by Steve 'Bad to the bone' Buddle. PLUS: The usual news, reviews, previews, barmy observations and your own work in the form of your favorite and ours: the SHOWCASE SECTION!!!