All American #1 - Airborne Stand!, The Battle for the Marcus Heim Causeway (2nd Edition)

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Product Line: Advanced Squad Leader - All American

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All American #1 - Airborne Stand!, The Battle for the Marcus Heim Causeway (2nd Edition)
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Airborne Stand: The Battle of the Marcus Heim Causeway is the remake of Kellam's Bridge - featuring a huge new map that features what has now been dedicated as the"Marcus Heim Causeway" (named after the new Yorker and 82nd Airborne Division combat soldier who was instrumental in its defense). The map includes all of the terrain from the previos "Kellam's Bridge" and the southern portion of the previous "Timmes' Orchard" in an attractive, newly remastered piece of cartography you are sure to love.

This edition replaces Kellam's Bridge and includes 12 scenarios, all playable on the new map. This is what Squads & Leaders is all about - small unit actions that can be played quickly, getting to the point of decision without long approach-marches and tons of vehicles to push around... and eat up your valuable gaming time.

Incredibly researched by designer Ian Daglish. Use the map to personally tour the battlefield - others already have. A must-have for the Normandy historical and simulation enthusiast.

This is NOT a complete game. Ownership of Beyond Valor and Yanks (or Paratrooper) needed to play this game.

Please note: Although the title of this product is different than the first edition of All American #1, this product is indeed the 2nd edition of All American #1.

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