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#301 "Aragorn's Revenge, Gnobblar Culture, Heroes & Villains"

By: Games Workshop

Type: Magazine

Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #301 - #350

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#301 "Aragorn's Revenge, Gnobblar Culture, Heroes & Villains"
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10 - The Ivory Road Journal

A continuing travelogue of the Ogre Kingdoms with a scenario.

16 - Naming the Beast

A name generator for your Ogre Kingdoms characters.

20 - Painting Workshop

Mixing batches of color to paint flesh for Ogre Kingdoms.

22 - Ogre Showcase

A showcase of Ogre Kingdoms models and conversions along with rules for using Ogres in Warhammer Warband Games.

34 - Ogre Gut Olympics

Mini games for your Ogre Kingdoms models.

44 - Hobby Masterclass

Building an Ogre Kingdoms maw pit.

48 - Gnoblar Culture

Insights into the culture of the servants of the Ogres in Ogre Kingdoms.

56 - The Art of Warhammer: Frenzy

Fighting with and against Frenzied troops

62 - In Pursuit of a Traitor
The story of Tristan the Troubador

68 - How to Lose at Warhammer

Mike Walker takes an irreverent look at the game of fantasy battles

76 - Heroes & Villains

The histories of Captains Shrike and Lysander

80 - Living Dangerously

Additional campaign ideas and rules for your Kill Team games

84 - Only War

In the first article of a new series, Ross Watson discusses tactics for 40K

86 - Xenophobic Xenos

Tactics for the Biel-Tan Craftworld army

92 - Modeling Workshop

Assembling the new Eldar Wave Serpent

96 - Painting Workshop

Achieving a camouflage pattern on the new Wave Serpent

100 - Painting Showcase

Winning models from the 2004 French Golden Demon painting competition

106 - Battle Reports: Desert Kidnap

Imperial Guard vs. Speed Freaks

126 - Scouring of the Shire

A preview of the new supplement for The Lord of The Rings

128 - Aragorn's Revenge

A new scenario in which Aragorn seeks out his father's killer

130 - The Hunt for Gollum

In this new scenario, Aragon and Gandalf search for Gollum and the One Ring

132 - Chronicles of Middle-earth

The story of Saruman the White

136 - Preparing for Battle, Part 2

Painting the awesome Mûmak model

140 - Painting Showcase

Golden Demon winners from the British and French painting competitions

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