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#24 w/¡No Pasaran! - Mallorca 1936

By: Ludopress

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Alea Magazine w/Games (Spanish w/English)

Last Stocked on 12/20/2004

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#24 w/¡No Pasaran! - Mallorca 1936
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Reviews of ¡No Pasarán! (Ludopress), Black Wednesday (The Gamers), For Whom the Bell Tolls (GRD), Borodino 1941 (CoA). Europa Universalis (AWE). Miniatures: Command at Sea (CoA).

Issue Game
Official scenario for the ¡No Pasarán! series: Mallorca 1936 the Republican landings and the Nationalist counterattack. Additional rules and tables to simulate landings, beachheads, naval artillery bombardment, etc. It is neccesary to have a copy of the standard rules of the series plus markers to play Mallorca 1936. (These can be downloaded from here). Mallorca 1936 includes 1 DIN A3 map and 160 unmounted counters (double-sized for ships). Complexity: (1-10): 6. Number of players: 2.

Alea 24 includes also the following:
Addenda and additional rules for the other games of the series.

Five Scenarios for ASL plus the tournement rules used at the ASL tournement in Con'91 at Zaragoza. The five scenarios are set in the "Red Barricades" campaign (Stalingrad, from 17 october to 5 november 1942).

One Scenario for the First Battle system (GDW): Chechnya 1996 (players must have a copy of the games Battlefield Europe andTeam Yankee).

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