#26 w/Bizcaya - The Nationalist Spring Offensive, 1937

By: Ludopress

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Product Line: Alea Magazine w/Games (Spanish w/English)

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#26 w/Bizcaya - The Nationalist Spring Offensive, 1937
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Reviews of Alejandría 1801 (SIMTAC), Rívoli 1797 (SIMTAC), Over the top (DG), Bailén 1808 (Ludopress), March to victory (GRD), Fields of Glory (MIH), La batalla del Ebro (Vae Victis España), Krieg! (DG), The Sun Never Sets (DG), Morsecode, (Udo Grebe). Miniatures: DBR, Shakó, Erice 1837 (1st Carlist War scenario).

Issue Game
Bizcaya The Nationalist spring offensive, 1937. Operational Spanish Civil War simulation, Northern front. Complete simulation game including one rules booklet, 1 DIN A4 map, 140 unmounted counters. Complexity (1-10): 4. Number of players: 2. Game design: Carlos A. Pérez.

Bizkaya 1937 simulates the Nationalist offensive on to Bilbao, April-May 1937. Scales: battallions for the Nationalists, brigade-battallion for the Republicans. Complexity: 6 (1-10). The game system is different from ¡No Pasarán!

Unofficial scenarios for Salvo! (3W)
Optional rules to simulate three battles of the Spanish navy during the XIX century: El Callao 1866, Cavite 1898 and Santiago de Cuba 1898. "Overlays" of the fortresses of El Callao (Perú), Cavite, and the castles of El Morro and La Sorapa (Santiago de Cuba) are included.

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