#27 w/Balaguer 1938 and Gamonal 1808

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#27 w/Balaguer 1938 and Gamonal 1808
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WW I, historical intro; reviews of Schlieffen Plan (SPW), Paths of Glory (GMT); Simulating the trenches (wargames simulating WW I), Cataphract (GMT), Bizkaya (Alea 26), Tigers in the Mist (GMT), El Grande. Miniatures: No Pasarán (Vae Victis), De Bonaparte a Napoleón. Books: Basic library I and II: WW 2, the International Brigades.

Issue Game
Optional rules for Der Weltkrieg series (SPW). La Quinta del Biberón, scenario for the Spanish Civil War series. Gamonal 1808, official scenario for the Shadow of the Eagle series. Design notes for Bizkaya 1937. Scenario for Fire & Fury (American Civil War).

Balaguer 1938 and Gamonal 1808 are two mini-games for the Shadow of the Eagle and ¡No Pasarán! series. To play them it is neccesary to have a copy of the standard rules of the series and some markers (you can download the rules and markers from here). Both games serve as an introduction to the system because it can be set up and deployed in less than two hours.

Balaguer 1938 simulates the offensive of the Army of the East against the Balaguer bridgehead in May 1938. It uses the ¡No Pasarán! system (battallion-company level, 1 turn/day). It includes 1 DIN A3 map and 180 unmounted counters. Game design: Enric Martí. Complexity: 6 (1-10).

Gamonal 1808 is a simulation of the Napoleonic battle fought out at Gamonal, north of Burgos between the Spanish Army of Extremadura and La Grande Armée. It uses the Shadow of the Eagle system and includes 1 DIN A3 map and 100 unmounted counters . Game design: J. Vargas-Zúñiga. Complexity: 4 (1-10).

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