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#8 w/Gazala-Tobruk, 1942

#8 w/Gazala-Tobruk, 1942
Category: War Games
Sub Category: War Game Magazines
Publish Year: 2003
Dimensions: 8x11.5x.25"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: LUDSE8
Type: Magazine


The Battle of Gazala-Tobruk, 1942

Gazala: the History.
Considered by many authors as Rommel's masterpiece, the battle of Gazala-Tobruk was one of the most astonishing defeats of the British army during World War Two, comparable only to the fall of Singapur. Despite of being outnumbered both on the land and on the air, the Axis forces imposed its tactical flexibility and superior leadership to the rigidity and lethargy of the Allied command. The Commonwealth troops fought with great bravery, but ultimately the Italo German armored forces won: the 8th Army commander, Ritchie, violated the principle of concentration by sending its armor reserve in penny packets instead of concentrating for a massive counterstroke.

Gazala: The Simulation.
Published in issue 8 of the magazine Soldados y Estrategia, Gazala-Tobruk is a reprint with much improved graphics of the game published in issue 9 of Alea, sold out many years ago and much sought after by wargamers and collectors. The game system, of medium complexity, puts the emphasis in armored combat, with tank/armor units at battalion level and regiments and brigades for the infantry. Each type of unit exerts a type of ZoC depending of the quantity and/or quality of its anti tank/armor assets, from rigid ZoC to semi rigid or no ZoC at all. Other outstanding aspects of the rules are the HQ units that give combat support (There are HQ at the Army, Corps, Division levels, and even at Brigade level for independent British Armored brigades); minefields, air support and Allied redoubts or boxes.

Contents Gazala-Tobruk:
* 160 counters and markers.
* 1 DIN A3-sized map.
* 1 Play Aid Card.
* 8 pages of rules.
* Historical introduction.