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#10 w/Libertadores

By: Ludopress

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Soldiers & Strategy Magazine w/Games (Spanish w/English)

Last Stocked on 4/10/2020

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#10 w/Libertadores
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The Battles of the War of South American Liberation, 1810-1824

The Independence of Spanish America.
It can be said that the armies which defended the rights of Fernando VII in America are truly "forgotten armies". It is not strange that J. Albi entitled its work decidicated to the Royalist Army "Forgotten Flags". Nevertheless, the Royalist forces, formed mainly by loyal Americans supported by a handful of Spanish peninsular troops, managed to keep on fighting for nearly 15 years (and sometimes it looked as if they were close to victory). And they did all that without a navy, without funds and almost without an army. Moreover, battles such as Vicalpugio, Maipo or Carabobo saw some of the most brilliant deeds of the Spanish arms of all times, deeds that nowadays are little known on both sides of the Atlantic.

The American War of Liberation embraced two continents, from Mexico to Argentina, and included epic marches across mountains and deserts and inhospitable regions, in addition to dozens of battles, and culminated with a giant, continent-sized pincer offensive between the forces of the two most famous Libertadores: the Argentinean José de San Martín and the Colombian Simón Bolívar.

Libertadores: The Simulation.
Published in issue 10 of the magazine Soldados y Estrategia, Libertadores is a system that allows players to have a fast but historically accurate simulation; the low counter density allows player to finish each battle in 2 hours maximum. Scales: battalion-sized units for infantry, two squadrons for the cavalry and batteries for the artillery. 150 meters per hex and 1 hour per turn.

With Libertadores, Ludopress is trying to cover a vacuum that has lasted too many years: the campaigns and battles which decided the fate of a continent had never been simulated as a board wargame.

The Eight Battles included in Libertadores are:
* Ayacucho 1824. Gen. Sucre's victory that decided definitively the fate of the Peru.
* Boyacá 1819. Bolívar' decisive victory after their epic crossing of the Andes range.
* Carabobo 1821. The intervention of the British Legion decided the outcome of the battle.
* Viluma 1815. Crushing Royalist victory by one of their most brilliant generals, Pezuela, that prolonged for several years the Spanish sovereignty over the Upper Peru (What today is called Bolivia).
* Puente Calderón 1811. The rebellion is crushed initially in Mexico, which will not become independent until 1821.
* Maipo 1818. Victory of San Martín' army that secured for good the independence of Chile.
* Vicalpugio 1815. Royalist victory decided in extremis by an unexpected cavalry charge.
* Chacabuco 1817. The Royalist are defeated by San Martín and lose a good opportunity to finish off the army that the following year will free Chile.

Contents of Libertadores:
* 200 counters and markers.
* 8 DIN A4-sized map.
* 1 Play Aid.
* 8 pages of rules and scenarios.
* Historical Introduction.

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