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Book of Iron Might, The

By: Malhavoc Press

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Malhavoc Press (d20)

Last Stocked on 1/2/2021

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Book of Iron Might, The
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Mike Mearls
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Who needs eldritch might? Barbarians, fighters, rangers, paladins, and other warriors meet their foes head on, relying on nothing but their cool nerves and skill at arms. Few opponents can ignore a sword in the vitals!

A good swordarm is worth a thousand spells.

Any party's strength rests on a foundation of cold steel, mighty thews, and strong hearts. The Book of Iron Might contains a whole new way to look at combat, allowing you to create mechanics for called shots, daredevil stunts, and other thrilling actions on the fly. It also includes three new types of feats, new uses for skills, and an exciting new character race.

The Book of Iron Might covers whole new ground in the d20 System rules. In a crowded sea of d20 releases, no other book provides this unique look at combat. Here is more of what you'll find within its pages:

Ironborn: Includes a flexible new character race: constructs that are designed and built for a variety of roles.

Feats and Skills: Features new types of feats, such as combat styles that grow with your character, and new uses for skills that increase your options in combat.

Stunts: The innovative new stunt system allows DMs to incorporate exciting action into the game without unbalancing the rules.

And More! This book also contains more on maneuvers and other combat tactics to give your characters the edge when they need it most.

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