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Battle for Macragge (Starter Game)

Battle for Macragge (Starter Game)
Sub Category: Warhammer 40,000
Publish Year: 2004
Dimensions: 17x12.5x2.5"
Restockable: No
Type: Boxed Game
Age Range: 12 Years and Up
# Players: 2 Players
Game Length: 60 - 120 Minutes

Battle for Macragge (Starter Game)


It falls on you to take command of one of these sides and determine the fate of the planet Macragge. Do you choose the valiant Space Marines or the devastating Tyranids? Once you pick a side, all you and your opponent need are a flat surface and the contents of the boxed set to begin pummeling each other on the tabletop battlefield!

An entire squad of Citadel plastic miniatures is under your control as you play through six exciting missions. What's more, these missions gradually introduce you to the rules as you play – you won't have to waste time reading all the rules before the action begins.

You also won't have to spend much time setting up the game. The Space Marine and Tyranid miniatures included in the boxed set can be assembled in no time, and the highly detailed scenery models are virtually ready to go right away! You'll be in the thick of battle before you know it.

No other game introduces you to the grim universe of the 41st millennium better than Battle for Macragge. The world of Macragge is part of the rich science fiction universe of Warhammer 40,000, and the Battle for Macragge puts you right in the middle of the conflict over this vital Imperial planet. That is, if you have what it takes to fight and survive in a galaxy where there is only war.