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3 Sided Die

By: Gamescience (Lou Zocchi)

Type: Supplies

Product Line: Dice - Unusual Shapes (Lou Zocchi)

random translucent colors

Last Stocked on 9/10/2011

Product Info

3 Sided Die
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The exciting 3 sided High Impactâ„¢ die is a true 3 sided die with 3 surfaces, imprinted with numbers on its tips, and the letters R (Rock), P (Paper), S (Scissors) on its flatest sides.

The cross section of this die is a round-cornered equilateral triangle, making this effectively a 3 sided "log" or prism die, but with much improved rollability. (The rounded ends prevent the die landing on them so it always lands on one of the 3 equal area flat sides.) You read the die from the top (like most dice), where the numbers are engraved along the rounded edge (twice for better legibility). This die has been exhaustively tested and is very fair, despite its odd looks!

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