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Austerlitz - Napoleon's Greatest Victory

By: Shrapnel Games

Type: Software (unboxed)

Product Line: Computer Games (Shrapnel Games)

Last Stocked on 4/8/2005

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Austerlitz - Napoleon's Greatest Victory
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Software (unboxed)


Recreating the important battle of the same name in 1805 between French, Austrian, and Russian forces, AUSTERLITZ: NAPOLEON'S GREATEST VICTORY is Breakaway Games' tour-de-force. With a thoroughly researched order of battle, a huge number of scenarios, engaging AI, and gorgeously rendered graphics 19th century warfare have never played so well on a computer. Tracing its roots back to Sid Meier's Gettysburg, the Austerlitz engine is a real-time strategy game that unlike most of its brethren actually involves strategy in a real-time environment. Gamers should not expect a clickfest, but rather a realistic depiction of pre-Civil War combat in which you'll feel the pressure real commanders of the era felt. Your left flank just collapsed, will your reserve guard plug the gap before it's too late?

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