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By: Games Workshop

Type: Miniatures Pack

Product Line: Warhammer Fantasy - Tomb Kings

Last Stocked on 11/8/2010

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Miniatures Pack


According to inscriptions, King Nekhef claimed to be the first ruler to use Carrion in his army of eternity. These creatures lived in the mountains to the east of Nehekhara and also the deserts to the west. Their broad wings were said to darken the sky, spreading the shadow of doom upon those dying in the desert. After a great battle, with the slain strewn over the stricken field, the Carrion descended and blotted out the light of the sun. Thus it was in ancient Nehekhara that the Carrion was seen as a sacred beast that bore the spirits of slain warriors to the sky to fight in endless battles against the daemons of darkness. This belief led to the priests burying many corpses of Carrion in the necropoli of each Tomb King from the time of Nekhef I onward. As the revered birds eventually died out, only those that were entombed remained. At the will of the Liche Priests they once again take to the skies, their horrifying forms spreading fear amongst those who feel the chill of their shadow.

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