#12 w/Drive on Leningrad & Masada

By: Minden Games

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Panzerschreck Magazine w/Games

includes bonus mini-game Invasion

Last Stocked on 12/21/2021

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#12 w/Drive on Leningrad & Masada
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Features three games and several wargame articles and variants that boardgamers will be sure to enjoy. In addition to the regular magazine columns, articles cover Columbia Games' Eagles, Avalon Hill's Panzerkrieg, SPI's Crimean War Quad, Avalon Hill's Midway, Minden's Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers, GMT's Europe Engulfed, SPI-AH's Panzer Armee Afrika, Avalon Hill's Bismarck, plus general interest wargame articles from Paul Rohrbaugh and Gary Graber.

Issue Game: Drive on Leningrad, a two-player, corps/army (weekly turns) game of the drive of Army Group North into the USSR, June-September 1941, with Leningrad as the goal. The game comes with 8.5" x 11" cardstock map, approx. 100 color unit counters (German, Finnish, Russian), Reference Card, and rules.

Issue Game 2: Masada, a simple solitaire game about the famous Roman siege in Judea, 72-73 A.D. This is presented in Mini-Sim format, meaning the game components are a part of the magazine, and must be photocopied and separated prior to play. Masada is a tactical level game with a small map, 27 counters, and rules.

Issue Game 3: Invasion, a two-player abstract game of strategy, based on a hypothetical invasion of England after the Royal Navy had been neutralized. Also in Mini-Sim format, players must construct the components before play.

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