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Friends of the Dragon

By: Atlas Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Feng Shui (Atlas Games)

Last Stocked on 11/24/2019

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Friends of the Dragon
Keith Baker, Will Hindmarch
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SWAT teams, biker gangs, Yakuza hit squads, vampire hunters, war vets on the run who drive around helping people... A team of action heroes is greater than the sum of its parts, even when the parts are martial arts masters and poets with pistols. Every band of Secret Warriors is different, but the individual members always share certain qualities. Now they can draw real strength from their teamwork.

Friends of the Dragon is the player's guide to creating character groups for Feng Shui. Create characters with shared histories and close personal ties or assemble a team of unlikely comrades with a common purpose. Turn the character creation process into a job for all the players to share. Forge backstories and motivations so strong that they drive whole campaigns. Cast a collection of action movie characters so compelling that they-not the villains-become the prime movers of every adventure.

This all-new sourcebook presents new options for character creation that both players and gamemasters can use. Friends of the Dragon offers advice and guidelines that will enrich any Feng Shui game. Plus, this book introduces a new kind of schtick to the game: the Group Schtick!

"You fight one of us, you fight all of us!"

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