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#11 w/Panzers in the Southeast & Quick Armor Rules

#11 w/Panzers in the Southeast & Quick Armor Rules
Category: War Games
Sub Category: War Game Magazines
Product Note: includes bonus mini-game Sink the Tirpitz
Publish Year: 2003
Dimensions: 5x9x.25"
Restockable: No
Type: Magazine


Features variants for Divine Wind (Meldrum), Matters of Space and Time (Werbaneth); Rules vs Instructions (Graber); ASL Campaign Games ala Retro (Signore); Game Publishing Insights (Lupinacci); Letters from the Front; Short Takes on Dieppe, B-17; Observation Post thumbnail reviews of Lock n' Load, Battlelines, Battlecards; Consolidated Errata for Panzerschreck/Minden Games.

Issue Game: Panzers in the Southeast (two-player operational WW2). Corps/ army level game, two turns per month, Germany vs USSR in late 1944 to April 1945 in SE Europe. Uses variable turn sequence, special rules for panzers, oil/refinery hexes, and some play variants.

Issue Game 2: QAR: Quick Armor Rules (two-player tactical miniatures game, N. Africa WW2). Tactical game covering individual tank vs tank combat, using simple sequence of play. Includes Stuarts, Matildas, Grants, Crusaders, Valentines, 2 pdrs, 6 pdrs,25 pdrs (British), PzIIIh, PzIIIj, PzIVe, 28/20 PAK, 50 PAK, 88 Flak (German), and M13/40, Semovente, Breda 47 (Italian) counters. Game includes 14 scenarios set in early World War II North Africa, with plenty of scope for design your own scenarios. Includes several optional rules.

Mini-Sim Game: Sink the Tirpitz (solitaire operational WW2). Simple game where the player (British) tries to sink the famous WW2 German battleship.