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#9 w/Battle for Bataan & Escape of the Goeben

By: Minden Games

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Panzerschreck Magazine w/Games

includes bonus mini-games, Siege of Leningrad & La Bataille de York, 1813

Product Info

#9 w/Battle for Bataan & Escape of the Goeben
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Features variants for Down in Flames (GMT), Sacrifice in the East (Minden), Richthofen's War (AH), Togoland 1914 (Khyber), Down in Flames (GMT), Great War at Sea (Avalanche), London's Burning (AH), a replay of Battle of the Atlantic (Minden), analysis of World War II Tactical Wargames, Letters from the Front.

Issue Game: Battle for Bataan (two-player operational WW2). Regimental level game on the 1942 Japanese assault on American and Filipino forces in the Philippines. Bi-weekly turns.

Issue Game 2: Escape of the Goeben (two-player tactical WW! naval). Expansion of the Jellicoe vs Scheer game system (not necessary for play) to the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Includes dreadnought fleets of major Allied and Central Powers nations during the Great War.

Mini-Sim Game: La Bataille de York 1813 (solitaire tactical 1812 game). The player (British) tries to turn back the American invasion near York (afterwards, Toronto) during the War of 1812.

Mini-Sim Game #2: Siege of Leningrad (solitaire abstract WW2 game). Sub-titled Logistics Module I, the player (Soviets) tries to keep Leningrad from falling during the famous 900 day World War II siege.

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