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Extraordinary Book of Names

Extraordinary Book of Names
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Author: Malcolm Bowers
Publish Year: 2004
Pages: 206
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.75"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: IMPTLG3004
Type: Hardcover


This is a book with tremendous scope. The author, Malcolm Bowers, has worked with Gary Gygax to bring you an indispensable resource tool, whether you play the game or run the game. 100,000 names. The book includes people names from all over the world, epithets, places such as inns and taverns, spoof names and more. It includes how to create names, pronunciation guides, translations and how to name the coat of arms of a knight or land. It includes names for fantastic races, topographical features and titles for nobility. Though, as Mr. Bowers says, not utterly exhaustive, it is more than comprehensive in its breadth of material and its depth treatment.

If you game and have ever had problems naming your character, the Extraordinary Book of Names is for you. If you run games and have forever peopled your Inns and Taverns with same fat inn keeper named Bors, the Extraordinary Book of Names is for you. If you design or create any kind of RPG games, modules, adventures or settings, this is the tool you will want on hand.

The Extraordinary Book of Names is a perfect addition to the Gygaxian Fantasy World series, bringing you yet another gaming tool you won’t want to be without.