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Product Line: Player's Advantage (d20)

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Charles Plemmons III
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Delve into your favorite classes with new rules, variant classes, prestige classes, and other exciting additions. For the new player, you’ll find helpful information to develop your character from both a rules and role-playing standpoint. Experienced players will discover ample new options to breathe new life into old classes. Game Masters, do not despair, there are helpful chapters for you as well! Easily choose class combinations to create unique NPCs using detailed charts for multiclassed characters. New NPC classes and sample NPCs makes it easy to add new flavor to your game. The series also builds on proven Open Game Content, taking it to new heights by integrating it into the new material. Don’t be satisfied with just any expansion book, take the advantage!

The series begins this fall with Player’s Advantage: Rogue—it’s so good, it’s criminal!

· Archetypes detailing numerous types of rogues, their tactics, outlook, recommended feats, races, and variations give old and new players a fresh look at the rogue.
· Numerous feats expand the rogue’s abilities, taking him in new directions and new heights.
· New PC, NPC, and prestige classes provide plentiful alternatives to the core rogue.
· Killer combos let you, at a glance, compare multiclassing options to choose the right character for the job. Useful for planning PCs or creating NPCs, these charts include character concepts and related archetypes to aid in choosing feats, skills, and other game mechanics.
· New equipment makes the dirty work easier and more exciting with exotic toys for the scoundrel at heart.
· And tons more! Uncover the secrets of the rogue and see the class with new eyes.

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