#4 "Power Up Your Heroclix Game!"

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#4 "Power Up Your Heroclix Game!"
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Duel Masters is Coming
Wizards of the Coast gives Undefeated magazine an insider's look at their latest trading card game, the Duel Masters TCG. Includes a look back at the ten years of TCG history and complete Duel Masters game rules.

Power Up Your HeroClix Game
WizKids went and changed the basic rules of HeroClix with the release of Indy HeroClix: flyers got knocked down a notch, Telekinesis is the new "taxi," and powers got a much-needed rewording. Undefeated covers all of that, plus we give our picks for the 12 best characters in this new environment and highlight 4 super teams, as well as a bonus TK blitz team.

Something Has Happened
That something is the Neopets TCG. Mike Elliott, senior designer for Wizards of the Coasts' TCG R&D team shows you the ropes for building your own Neopets deck and avoiding beginner mistakes. Also includes 2 easy-to-assemble deck lists with some bite.

Blend Like a Pro
Up-and-coming professional miniatures painter Marike Reimer takes you step by step through the technique of using blending to create realistic lighting effects on all kinds of miniatures surfaces.

PBeM Made Simple
Play all of your favorite games online, day or night, in real-time or turn by turn. Undefeated magazine's comprehensive guide to play-by-email (PBeM) gaming will help you get connected to an entirely new world of online gaming.

Other features this issue include:

Winning strategies and tactics for Rio Grande Games' Puerto Rico
"Winning Decks" for Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, A Game of Thrones, and WarCry
"Winning Armies" for Warhammer 40,000 and Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures
Exclusive previews of Magic: The Gathering (Darksteel), D&D Miniatures (Dragoneye), Legend of the Five Rings (Reign of Blood), The Lord of the Rings Online TCG, and more
Over 25 game products reviewed

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